Elegant Performance
Through Technical Training

Mission Statement

To teach our students in a way that promotes self esteem, confidence and a passion for the joy in dance.
After all, if you enjoy what you do you will be better at it.

We believe that the most exciting dancers to watch are the ones who dance because they love to dance. We encourage our students to work hard and ask questions to promote understanding, but to keep things light and fun.
We teach with the emphasis on technique while nurturing students love and passion to dance and encourage students to let go of self consciousness which in turn helps with performance. This can only be done in an environment where students feel safe so we work hard to provide this too.

Who Are We?

Who are we?

The Dance Institute was established in 2009 by director Lindsay Ashe-Browne.
It was the realisation of a long held ambition to return home to Ireland after training and working as a professional dancer. During her time away Lindsay saw and experienced how other countries approached dance training. With this in mind The Dance Institute has developed and grown over the years now offering students an opportunity to try out every style of dance - ballet, ballroom, jazz, commercial, tap, contemporary, musical theatre as well as our complimentary techniques such as Yoga and Pilates. These complimentary techniques help to keep dancers injury free, promote evenly balanced muscles and teaches students how to warm up and cool down correctly.

Lindsay’s sister Zoe Ashe-Browne became co-director in 2016 having taught on the course since the very beginning. Zoe brings with her the knowledge and experience of being a current professional dancer and has helped to introduce world renowned teachers to TDI through her contacts and colleagues. This gives Irish students the opportunity to learn from international faculty members without having to travel abroad as well as learning from Irish teachers who have been down the same path the students are travelling, just a few years before. See Zoe In Action

Our Next Course

Summer Course 2019


22nd to 26th


Dance House
1 Foley Street
Dublin 1

Age Groups

Suggested age: 10+ Years



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